Mens Vitality Formula Ingredients:
Yohimbe Bark: It has the ability to stimulate sexual desire, enhance sexual performance, and reduce anxiety.
Oyster Extract: It is a rich source of zinc, which is an essential building block for testosterone. It also acts to increase the size and strength of bone and is used to treat osteoporosis.
Saw Palmetto: It is an inhibitor of DHT, a key component in the development of prostate cancer.
Kava-Kava: Given the botanical name" Intoxicating Pepper" by it's founder. Kava-Kava aids in curing nervousness and insomnia. It is also recognized as an aid in relieving anxiety and stress.
Sarsaparilla: Active ingredients in this root extract attack microbial substances in the blood, and act as a tonic for disease resistance.
Other Ingredients: Capsicum, Kola Nut, Guarana , Niacin, Orchic Extract, Ginseng, Gotu Kola, Royal Jelly Vitamins B6/B12, and Manganese.

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